The Marcellus Update

This newsletter for MDS Energy Development investors and advisors is issued quarterly and provides updates on the natural gas markets and the performance of past partnerships.

Stay informed on the progress of your investment and read all about the amazing things going on with U.S. natural gas development.

Q1 2018

Q2 2018

Q3 2018

Q4 2018 Released 2/18/19

Monthly update for Financial Professionals

This is issued monthly and e-mailed to all advisors who have clients invested in an MDS partnership.  It gives some drill down data on the prior month’s production, distribution, and historical data, as well as sample production and earning statements.

Update for April, 2019

To show the different stages of the development of our wells, we chronicled the first several horizontal partnerships with videos featuring aerial drone videos and management commentary.

We will continue to make videos during major drilling operations on our ongoing projects when schedules and weather allow.  We will send out e-mails to all investors and advisors when we add new videos.

We pack all sorts of goodness into a 5 minute long high definition video that features beautiful aerial drone footage, technical charts, bit steering reports, and sage commentary from our senior executives…so you can see with your own eyes where your investment is going.

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