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Tax-Advantaged Drilling Partnerships

An important tax and estate planning tool for accredited investors

NOTICE!  MDS2017 General Partners have now been converted to Limited Partners.

Read about this and more in out Q3 wrap-up issue of Marcellus Update, the quarterly update for MDS partnership investors, now available as of 10/17/18

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Monthly Performance Update for Financial Professionals for November, 2018 is now available.

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Ready to Subscribe?

Awesome! Thank you for your business.  Click HERE to download a fillable PDF subscription agreement which also contains instructions on how to submit funds.

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Sales Kit Request

Order our sales kit with marketing materials, offering documents, and subscription agreements.

Electronic or Hard Copy.



Custom Tax Analysis

Give us a few nuggets of info about your client and our CPA will create a custom tax analysis so you can see how an investment could reduce your tax burden. CLICK HERE.

Front Cover

Tax Planning Guide

Download our informational white paper on the tax advantages of investing in direct participation natural gas development partnerships.



Educational Videos

Our short videos feature stunning aerial footage of our drilling projects and explain in a fast and visual way the finer points you need to know.   CLICK HERE.


Partnership Portal

24/7 online access to all of your clients critical documents, including K1 tax forms and monthly distribution statements.


Hundreds of billions are being invested to utilize American gas.

Read all about it!   MDS Media Center 

Deal with Roth IRA Conversions?

Many advisors do a lot of business through mitigating the dreaded tax hit that comes with a Roth conversion with an investment of non-qualified money into an MDS offering.

Deal with Estate Planning?

Due to the lack of control afforded minority interest holders, and the lack of marketability of MDS partnership units,  they are granted a steeply discounted valuation for gift tax purposes.  Make investment, utilize tax deduction, then gift into a trust for kids/grand-kids.

Partnership Portal

In order to better communicate with our investors and their financial advisors, we have a secure "Partnership Accounting Portal"  where each investor can log in and access all of their pertinent documents, including:


  • Monthly Production & Earnings ("P&E") Statements
  • Subscription documents
  • K-1 tax forms


Advisors can also access the information for all of their clients from one secure page.

If you have clients currently in an MDS partnership and wish to set up your access, please call or e-mail our transfer agent, Great Lakes Fund Solutions, Inc. at 847-265-1334 or via e-mail at


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